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Industrial and Commercial Welding Services in Medicine Hat

At Jacobs Welding Ltd, we perform all types of welding services for commercial and industrial companies in Alberta and Saskatchewan. If you’re looking for a trusted welding specialist for your commercial welding project in Medicine Hat, choose the right welder for your project. In some instances, it is better to contract a specialist with expertise to cater to your unique needs. With over 40 years of experience, our professionals can do an excellent job that will exceed your expectations. From 1-hour quick fixes to year-long projects, we can get it done. 

From straightening rolled end dumps and relining gravel box floors to building up worn bushings and fabricating brackets for modified parts, our experts can cover them all. Name the industry you are in and Jacobs Welding Ltd will likely have experience in that field. Whether it is a plumbing company that needs a gas line to be welded or restaurant kitchens that need a stainless repair to be done, we’re the perfect choice for you. We can help minimize costs and downtimes, and keep your business running smoothly. 

Animal Shelters have hired us to modify enclosures and monster trucks that need modification in suspensions. From welding repair services to full-site fabrication, whether it is new or old, our welding pros can work for you. If you’re unsure about what needs to be done, get in touch with us. Our experts will come to your place to determine your needs and discuss a quote based on your requirement.


We have worked for many plumbing companies to fabricate and modify piping in mechanical rooms for water, heating/chilled, and gas lines. Whether its old systems that need to have piping modified or new lines that need to be fitted, our welders have the experience to take on the task required. We can customize piping to fit in tight spaces and can pre-fabricate off site when the area is congested. If there is a tight time line or a late night shut down we will work with you to accommodate the needs to get systems up and running quickly and efficiently.


At Jacobs Welding Ltd, we’ve successfully completed various welding projects in the construction industry. If your equipment is broken, we have the past experience to get it repaired in an efficient manner. From straightening rolled end dumps and relining gravel box floors to building up worn bushing and fabricating brackets for modified parts, our experts can cover them all. With the pace of the industry sometimes repair is faster and cheaper than replacing with new, call Jacobs Welding to see how much time and money we can save you with repairing what is broken. No matter the size of the job, we’ll keep your company away from a lot of downtime.

We can also:

Fabricate custom work tables
Hard-surface buckets and equipment teeth
Gouge out seized pins and worn bushings
Repair steel hydraulic lines
Re-line hoppers
Change cone liner in a crusher
Repair cracked center bearing in a screen deck



We offer welding services to the commercial kitchen industry. If you are looking to streamline your kitchen prep tables, repair a leaking sink or change a bracket that "just isn't serving a purpose anymore" give us a call. We can work around your schedule so that we are not interrupting the crucial times that a kitchen needs to be operating in. Restaurant kitchens always need to be at their peak performance. Whenever a dishwashing rack breaks or a sink has a leak, count on us to perform that quick repair in a hassle-free manner. Our skilled staff can also modify your stainless prep tables to help with functionality, and make space for a bigger piece, if equipment is added. We have the experience in helping a food truck to set up their food prep area.

Call our professionals today to fix your broken tools and equipment, or if you’re tired of your old stuff and want to fabricate a new one.



From modifying the mounts to adding patches on your auto body, our welding pros can get it done efficiently.

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