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Jacobs Welding Ltd: A Family-Owned and Operated Business

Since 1980, Jacobs Welding Ltd has been providing the Medicine Hat area with quality welding services. From combine repairs to fence posts and from leaky stainless sinks to aluminum oil pans, we do it all. As a family-run business built over the last 40 years, we take pride in the quality and efficiency of our work. 


It all started in 1980, when Allan purchased his first welding truck in pursuit of providing a top-notch welding company. Through the years he has created a trust with many valuable clients and cares about the quality of work as well as the reputation of his company. Since being diagnosed with 2014 he was concerned for the future of his
company. Mike (his son) and Leanne (his daughter) had been working with him for quite a few years and chose to take up the responsibilities and have been running the company for the past 5 years. Allan is proud of his children who are maintaining the same quality, honesty, and reliability that he had developed in the past 40 years.

business owner


Mike and Leanne, the brother and sister duo, are an excellent team, and they are sure to impress you with their knowledge and hard work!

Leanne & mike 2


Leanne has been welding for over 20 years and has loved all the knowledge and skills she has developed. She is willing to tackle any challenge that a job may present. She has taken the time to tune her craft to produce high quality work in a short period of time and at a reasonable price. She is straightforward and honest with the recommendations she has for a job that may seem impossible. 

Leanne is a certified B-Pressure welder, and has worked on many oilfield projects. She has impressed many companies to continue using her service for the past 15 years that she has been welding pipe. Leanne also enjoys artistic projects, including creating mini-golf obstacles for Dunmore Dugouts, fire pit covers, archways, decorative gates for backyards, and more. She has a passion for welding which is reflected every day in her welding job!


Mike is one heck of a hard worker! He will surpass your expectations by going beyond what is expected. He is also a certified B-Pressure welder, but not limited to just oilfield. Mike has a range of expertise pertaining to metal and is also knowledgeable in many welding applications. He has welded for so many farmers in the area that there is hay permanently stuck to his welding truck! Mike will always have a smile on his face and attempts to try anything! He has poured molten metal into his veins and has shown his father proud by taking Jacobs Welding Ltd to new heights!

Call us today to learn more about us or to book the brother and sister duo for your next welding project.

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If you’re having a special project in your mind, check out our custom welding services. We can bring life to your ideas.

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