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Agricultural Welding Services in Medicine Hat

At Jacobs Welding Ltd, we look out for our farmers by keeping their equipment working and functional. With over 40 years of experience, we specialize in providing agricultural welding services in Medicine Hat, and the other communities of Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Whether it is time for planting or harvesting, we understand that you’re on a tight schedule. We are always available to accommodate your needs during these crucial times and can help during your downtime. Some of the common issues we see are buckled or cracked frames, torn out hitches and more. You don’t have to worry; our experienced and skilled professionals at Jacobs Welding Ltd are here to assist you. We have the right equipment and tools to get your job done on time and in an efficient manner .


Straightening equipment wings
Straightening combine headers
Auger flighting replacements
Loader floor replacements
Aluminum cattle liners
Welding cracked rims
Built up wear plates

We can also customize or alter your equipment based on your production needs. Some of our customization works include:

Building storage containments
Building and repairing corrals
Repairing food and water bins for livestock

At Jacobs Welding Ltd, in order to accommodate your specialized hauling needs, we can modify bale wagons by adding rails or size modifications. To learn more about our custom welding services for the local farming industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan, contact us today.



If you’re having a special project in your mind, check out our custom welding services. We can bring life to your ideas.

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